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Mood Boards are used in so many different ways to gather thoughts on building a brand, style, feel for the organization, voice, and connecting messages to your consumers.  You can think of a  mood board as a collage of brainstormed thoughts.  Mood Boards are a collection  of ideas and inspirations put in one place to help navigate the goal or a feeling the artist wants to achieve. 

What are  mood boards?

When building a brand,  it is necessary to have a  color palette.  It usually consists of 3-5 colors that define the brand. Color is so important because it helps you portray a mood or a feeling that you want to achieve; Hence, why it is a part of the mood board. 

1. Choose A Color Palette

Color is a way to connect to a target audience without using actual words. 

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Typography is a concept that most people underestimate the power  it has. Typography has the power  to convey a message because of  the physical words you are using,  but also the font they are being  displayed in.

2. Pick Out Typography

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Have you heard the  quote ,“A picture can tell a  thousand words? ”  Pictures are another valuable component in building a mood board because they are the  first thing someone’s eye is  attracted to. When selecting photos you need to pay close attention to the relation those images have back to the ideas that you want to  portray.  Each image also needs to  relate to each other to create  a cohesive concept. 

3. Select The Right Imagery

The last and final part of developing  a mood board is knowing how  to organize the information.  A conscious organization of  content will make or break  your piece. Something that is so beyond messy cannot reach your audience because frankly, they might be too overwhelmed to take the time to look at it. Therefore a nice layout where all the content is visible will help you deliver a message clearly and effectively.  

4. Organize  Your Materials

To pull it all together,  a mood board is an essential communication tactic that  can be used to convey ideas between team members, consumers, and even your  target market!  

Let's Recap!

Remember, a strong brand doesn't happen overnight. It requires thoughtful and dedicated efforts.

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