However, inspiration can occasionally run dry or our designs can begin  to feel stale when we look at them. Creativity is an important part of problem solving and development. While we’ve all heard the myth that inspiration strikes at the right time, any designer will tell you it  takes effort to cultivate creativity  and call upon it for projects on a regular basis. 

As Designers, it is our job to come up with numerous designs daily. 

Here are 7 tips you can follow to help avoid creative block when being a graphic designer.

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Inspiration is all around us, we just need to look for it. 

Collect Inspiration


Every time you see design work that inspires you, take a photo of it or screenshot it and add it to your collection to save for later. 

Later on, you can get inspired from them and create an awesome design. 

As famed Designer Aaron Draplin says, your hand is much more free when working on paper than when controlling a mouse. You should always generate ideas on paper. Create thumbnails of your ideas, and push each idea as far as you can within the time available. 

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!


Another great way to avoid  creative block is to communicate  with other Designers. It can be very helpful to get advice or feedback from other seasoned professionals for a fresh new perspective or for knowledgeable critiques in order to improve yourself!

Reference Professionals


Get Your



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Go back to when you first  started designing.  Think about the zeal of wanting to learn as much as you could about the design world and how the possibilities were endless.  Well, that still holds true. Like any skill set, it is important to take time and invest regularly in your craft.

Stay  Curious!


When you have some free time, try creating some fake projects. 

Experiment Like a Mad Designer 


Not only can this help with creative block, but it also gives you an opportunity to add to your  skillset and potentially have a  design that could be referenced  for future projects. 

Once you’ve found your most efficient time for creative projects, you are able to segment your  tasks better.  If you’re most creative in the morning, assign your creative tasks for then and your administration tasks for later in the day,  or vice versa.

Go With  Your Flow 


By sitting at a desk all day, it can be hard to gain inspiration.  Taking a walk, grabbing a snack, or having a short chat can do wonders for boosting creativity.  It is amazing what even a short  10-15 minute break can do to increase productivity and let you  get back to work feeling  more refreshed. 

Take a  Break!


Whatever your profession is, being more creative is a  skill set that you can use  every day.  Hopefully, these tips and tricks were able to help you or give you some ideas on how to overcome the dreaded creative block.  

Pulling It All Together!

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