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If you are a newbie or a veteran  of the video development industry here are some key takeaways!  Always remember that a video  length is only one metric, but not the most important. Focus on developing a strong story structure and know your audience. From there, your video will always be the “right length.”

Take Attention Span Into Consideration When Creating Content

When developing content, you must treat it just like an email. The fewer words, the better. Take out what’s not relevant to your audience and focus on their immediate needs.

1. Focus on Immediate Needs

You must also remember that you cannot be relevant to everyone when you want to be. Depending on that person’s time of day, how busy they are at that moment, the content, and its timely relevance all play a part in whether your audience engages with the content or not. 

2. Relevance

A successful content creator understands the anatomy of a good story and knows what’s relevant to their audience. Understanding your audience  is a great starting point.

3. Understand  the Anatomy of  a Good Story

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Length of engagement is also platform-specific. A movie is expected to be longer—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, not so much.  Learn to read the room.

4. Platform

Also be authentic, and don’t clickbait or draw out a video  for no real reason.  That’s manipulative and a  sign of weak content.

5. Authenticity

Get to the point fast, don’t repeat yourself, and have a straightforward way to end or summarize your content.

6. Be Direct

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