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Have you ever wondered  how Google’s Automated Bidding works? When it comes to serving ads on Google ads, there are two ways that you can approach it. Keep reading to get a  deeper understanding of  how you can utilize Google's Automated Bidding!

Automated Bidding

You can either manually place your CPC bids or you can allow Google to automate your bids for you based on your budget. Google’s automated bidding will pay different prices for clicks depending on multiple factors using auction-time bidding.

Automated Vs. Manual Bidding

Manually bidding allows you  to set the maximum price you  are willing to pay for a click.  So while manual bidding gives you more control over your bids, automated bidding typically brings more success  to advertisers based on  their goals.

Manual Bidding

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With Google Vehicle Ads

Also known as smart bidding, auction-time bidding takes multiple factors into consideration when adjusting bids to serve your ads.  The factors that this bidding method takes into account are the exact wording of the query, the match type, the device and browser that the consumer is on, the language, and the time of day.

Auction-Time Bidding

There are six strategies that Google offers based on the goals of your campaign. -Maximize Clicks -Target Impression Share -Target CPA -Target ROAS -Maximize Conversions -Maximize Conversion Value

Types Of Automated Bidding Strategies

It is important to make sure you have clear goals so that you can choose the best bid strategy that lines up with what you are trying to accomplish.

Google Bidding Recap

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