A Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page can  be essential to building your business or company’s online social media presence. It is a social media storefront from your company or business. Here are a few easy steps you can take to create a Facebook page for your business.

Create A Facebook Page


Log In

When creating a Facebook page, you must have it linked to a personal Facebook account. If you do not want to link it to your personal account, create a new profile just for linking purposes.  


Fill Out Info

No matter the steps you took to arrive, everyone should see the heading “Create a Page” on the left-hand side with several empty text boxes to fill out the information. It is important that you fill  out as much of this information as possible.

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Tips & Tricks


Invite  Followers

The last step when creating your Facebook page is to invite as many people as you can to like and follow it. Get your name out there and  start engaging with the community.

If you need help building out your Facebook page, never  be afraid to reach out. Corkboard Concepts has plenty of social media engagement services and offerings to make sure that your Facebook page  is benefiting your  marketing strategy.

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