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Google Ads Introduces New

Google recently unveiled a new type of campaign for Google Ads named Demand Gen campaigns. These campaigns were created to replace current Discovery campaigns, and Google will begin automatically upgrading any Discovery campaigns soon.  

Replacing Discovery Campaigns 

What Are Demand Gen Campaigns?

Demand Gen campaigns are a new type of campaign that will be highly powered by AI. These campaigns are going to allow advertisers to use a mix of creatives such as images, videos, and text.  

While Demand Gen campaigns share some similarities with Discovery campaigns, there are some additional benefits that these new campaigns offer.  

Demand Gen vs Discovery 





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Enhanced Ad Placement And Reach

Discovery campaigns were only able to serve ads in YouTube Home and Watch Next Feeds. On the other hand, Demand Gen campaigns are going to be able to serve ads in these two placements along with YouTube In-Stream and YouTube Shorts. 

Discovery campaigns only allow advertisers to select Maximize Conversions or Maximize Conversion Value, with the option to set a target CPA or target ROAS. Demand Gen campaigns offer these bid strategies, but also offer advertisers to select Maximize Clicks as the bid strategy.  

Advanced Bidding Strategies

Leveraging Lookalike Segments

A third benefit of Demand Gen campaigns is the ability to use Lookalike segments. Advertisers will be able to provide Google with first-party data, and Google will use its audience intent and interest signals to help find consumers.

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