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Complete Your Profiles

Make sure all of your social media profiles are fully filled out, utilize your company branding, and maintain consistency across all platforms. 

Optimize Keywords

Using tools like Google’s  Keyword Planner can help you make sure you are incorporating relevant and valuable keywords in your bio, posts, hashtags,  and descriptions. 



Use Quality Images & Alt Text

When posting, you can boost your search visibility by using relevant keywords and alt text. Your alt text is used to make visual content more accessible and highlight it in relevant searches. 

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Utilize  Local SEO

If your company has physical locations it is beneficial to tag the location in your posts to make sure search engines and the social media platform recognize your content as relevant when people search for content from that location. 



Post Relevant Content

Not only is posting relevant and engaging content important for your overall social media presence, but it can also be rewarded by search engines for sharing valuable, fresh content. 

Share Links

Sharing links on your social media whether in the post itself or in your profile’s bio can help interconnect your profile and posts with your website and ultimately help boost search visibility for both. 


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