You Should Be Tracking


Instagram Story


Story replies are the number of Instagram DMs you received on your Story during its lifetime. Getting unprompted (positive!) replies from your Stories means you’re nailing your content. More interactions and engagement signal strong relationships and loyalty with your audience. 

Story Replies


Story Taps Back are the number of times people tapped to return to your previous Story. Taps back can highlight how a previous post in a series of stories was notable. 

Story Taps Back



Story Taps Forward are the number of times people tapped your current Story to move on to your next Story. You can think of taps forward as a sort of bounce rate or retention metric. If you post a series of Stories and someone sticks around for all of them, that’s typically a good sign.

Story Taps Forward


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Story Exits are the number  of times people swiped to  stop viewing your story during  its lifetime. Pay close attention  to exits, especially when experimenting with new types  of content strategies. 

Story  Exits


Story Impressions are the number of times your story  was displayed to users during  its lifetime. The more eyes  on your stories, the better!  Earning impressions beyond  your own followers is also a positive sign for your stories.

Story Impressions


Average reach per story is the average number of unique users who viewed your story during  its lifetime. Ideally, your reach should grow alongside your account. This highlights the importance of consistently measuring your Instagram data.

Average Reach  Per Story


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