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CMP stands for Consent Management Platform.

CMP is for managing data and privacy consent on a website. CMP’s are to support websites in managing tracking and cookies used on their website to comply with local regulations or to be more transparent with tracking policies.

Depending on the platform, there are a variety of ways to manage consent, but in its most simple form - it’s a web banner or popup, informing a visitor about the tracking that takes place on the website asking for their consent before initiating 3rd party cookies. 

Enabling A CMP On Your Website 

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Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Manager  for placing pixels and cookies makes it much easier to connect your CMP with your pixel placements, since Google  has a built-in “Consent Initialization” trigger. 

The Consent Initialization trigger is designed to help you ensure that all consent settings are honored before any other triggers fire. The trigger is used for tags that set or update the user consent state for your site, such as a consent management platform tag or tags that set consent defaults. 

Consent Initialization Trigger

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