Do's And Don'ts To Social Media Management  In 2023

Do Be Relatable

You want to be authentic and relatable to  your audience. Your audience  wants to have similarities to  you and  your business. Flex content is  out, and relatable content is in!

Don't Sell Sell Sell

Your audience will start to think you  are not honest  and authentic. Stick to 1-2 ad posts a week on your social  media channels. That way, you can promote your business without overwhelming  your audience.

Do Have Consistency

Stick to a posting schedule to  promote growth  and performance. Your audience will start to anticipate these posts and they can start looking forward to chatting with you!

Don't Ignore Your Audience

If a certain content series is doing well, keep doing that type of content! If there is content  that is not performing, maybe it's time to try something else.

Do Create Videos

Social media platforms like to prioritize videos. This doesn't  mean you need  to be on camera.  Do voiceovers  or post a fun  GIF instead. Make it fun and entertaining for  your audience.

Don't Clickbait

Clickbait used to be trendy, but people do not want to be lied  to now. They want to  know the truth. Post content that is true to your business!

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness or reach, whether it be on social media or not, Corkboard Concepts is here to help you! We strive to  help others succeed.

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