New Performance Max Ads


What Are

Google Ads is a versatile platform that can help businesses advertise their company in a number of ways.  The two most common uses of Google ads are search and display campaigns.

Performance Max is a new type  of campaign that is heavily goal-oriented and is meant to deliver more conversions based  on the conversion goals set by the advertiser.

What Are Performance Max Ad Campaigns?

What Is Needed For Performance Max?

When it comes to  Performance Max campaigns, different components are needed for the different placements of the ads. All of the placements have some similar required components, which is 3 headlines and 2 descriptions.

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With Google Vehicle Ads


The biggest positive of these campaigns is the convenience they offer to advertiser.

Another positive of these  new campaigns is that  Google’s machine learning  will optimize these campaigns more effectively.


Due to Google’s automation,  you cannot go into the Performance Max campaign,  and adjust the budget for the specific placements.

Another negative of these new campaigns is that Google is automatically changing some shopping ads to this new campaign type.

Google’s new Performance Max campaigns allow advertisers to show their ads on a number of different placements while only going through the campaign setup process once.

Key Takeaways

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