How To Create

Customer Success Videos

Customer success videos can be valuable to your brand in engaging potential customers.  If done well, it will  ensure that potential consumers can relate to your business.

– How did you discover  my company?

Questions  To Ask

– What problems were you having that led you to seek  a solution?

– What was the tipping point?

– What were your expectations before doing business with us?

– Tell us about your results and how things are going now.

Focus on open-ended questions that require more of a thoughtful response than general questions with only yes or no answers. 

Open-Ended Questions

Get Your



Tap The Right Side To Resume Web Story


Develop a structured system for getting testimonials as often as possible. You never know when you’ll stumble on  a great story that really resonates with your audience.

Develop A Structure

These testimonials are great  to have on your website and provide great content for social media.

Use Different Platforms

From a consumer’s point of view, it is persuasive  to hear from someone who is having the same problems and how they fixed them. If people can relate to those problems, they’re more likely to relate to the solutions.

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