For Small Businesses



4 are bombarded with a plethora of options for you to utilize in order to establish a web presence and have an eCommerce platform. 

As a business owner... 

You are probably asking yourself, who can I trust in this process? Which platform is the best platform to grow my business? 

Fret not, here is a rundown of the most popular eCommerce options.




Is the most popular eCommerce platform. It has many useful features for business owners such as:

• Business owners can create  an online store without any  technical knowledge.

• Allows small businesses to start selling their products quickly  and easily.

• Has excellent SEO functionality!

• Has easy access to a network that will provide expert advice when it comes to marketing, shipping,  and support.



Is an easy WordPress plugin.  This platform is helpful  because it:

• Offers users the ability to create and manage an online store directly from their WordPress websites. 

• Has great functionality without having to build your own website from scratch. 

• Provides access to free themes,  as well as paid-for premium  themes which come with  additional features. 



Is an eCommerce platform similar to Shopify but it brings more to the table. It offers:

• More comprehensive functionality, payment gateways, shipping carriers, and customizable themes.  

• Easy use once set up correctly  with capabilities to seamlessly list, optimize, advertise, and sell.  

• Fulfillment of products  across 100+ channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram,  TikTok, Pinterest, Snap, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target. 



Is an enterprise-level platform   This platform is helpful  because it:

• Offers the most flexibility and  is best suited for larger or enterprise-level businesses.

• Is the most advanced  eCommerce platform powering websites and offers trainings to learn how to use it. 

• Provides access to free themes as well as paid-for premium themes, which include additional features. 

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