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What Is A  Social Media Giveaway?

The goal behind many giveaways is to ask contestants to follow a few simple tasks to enter. Including…

-Sharing the post

-Liking the page

-Tagging multiple friends

-Commenting on the post

-Filling out a form with contact details on your website

Giveaways Grow Your Online Following

People might not know about a business until someone else they follow shares a post,  and if that post is for a FREE prize then it will be more likely to resonate with that individual!



They Increase Brand Awareness

Hosting a giveaway allows the people who are not already following your account the ability to hear about you by seeing people engage with the post. 

Builds Positive Relationships With Your Customer

Interacting with existing customers/followers positively through a  FREE prize giveaway builds up trust and recognition for your business.


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It Brings  In New Customers

Social media giveaways  have a way of easily grabbing the attention of new consumers rather than a generic advertisement. 

It Drives Traffic To Your Website

Once the participant enters the giveaway credentials on the website, they will likely visit other pages of  your site to learn more about your business  and offerings. This helps build your organic  search presence!


Why Should You Try A Social Media Giveaway Campaign?

Strategically utilizing a social media plan can stunt or progress the growth of your organization!

End Note!

Need help developing a strategic plan to support  your organization?

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