Ways To Stay Out Of The


Email marketing is a tactical  way to connect with your audience in a less personal,  but impactful manner.  Email marketing is often used  for organizational newsletters, membership reminders/benefits, and communicating special offers.  It is common for marketers to end up in the spam folder.  How do we help this?  Continue reading to find out!

What is email marketing?

Most email marketers neglect the fact that you can actually monitor your content to ensure its safety from the spam folder.  Some marketers run a spam test once a quarter, when in reality that is the bare minimum. To maximize the tool, professionals suggest running a spam test every two weeks. 

1. Run Spam Tests Frequently

Email software indicates expired or inactive users and considers them "bounces." When you have a high percentage of bounces, it can be damaging to your reputation.   From there, Internet Service Providers can label your emails  as junk.  To say the least, weed out the inactive and expired users to prevent this from happening!

2. Clean Out  The "Bounces" 

Out of respect for your users, you must offer an unsubscribe option. It is actually illegal not to. It may seem better in the present to have lots of subscribers, but in the long run, it can be damaging to your marketing strategy if you have inactive users.  You know what they say, "if you love them let them go."  Plus, who really wants users that aren't paying attention to your content anyways?

3. Provide A Clear Unsubscribe Option

You MUST send out test emails before sending out the real thing to hundreds of users. This is the most efficient way to see if an email will end up in the spam folder or not.  Send it to yourself, a couple of coworkers, or a test email to see the quality and efficiency of the email!

4. Before You Send To Users, TEST! 


Email marketing is a constant process of revision. No one is ever going to "complete"  a strategy of email marketing. It involves ongoing maintenance.

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