Fast Motion Photography




Fast-motion photography is  the science of taking pictures of  very fast phenomena. Any set of photographs captured by a camera capable of 69 frames per second or greater, and is at least  three consecutive frames,  fall under this category.

What Is  Fast Motion Photography

Long exposure is very useful and effective for a number of reasons mainly due to the fact that all moving objects become blurred and thus show movement.  To achieve this, you use a  slow shutter speed. 

Use Long Exposure


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Panning is a technique that  delivers an end result that is  the complete opposite of  the long exposure technique.  When panning, the shutter is set  to a slower speed. This causes the subject to be in focus and the background to become blurred.

Use A Panning Movement


The final technique when working with fast motion photography is to consider mixing both long exposure and panning  with a flash. This creates a sort of trailing effect that  follows the subject.

Utilize Rear Curtain Sync


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