Why Your Business Needs to be on

Pinterest is the #1 visual search engine and your company needs to be posting on it for exposure. 

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Pinterest is a Search Engine 

While Pinterest is categorized as a social media platform, it’s actually a search engine for images because the platform is based on search results.    In order to appear in search results on Pinterest, your business needs to create original content in the form of pins and organize them properly through boards on your profile.  



Drives Traffic to Your Site 

Pinterest, as a visual search engine, is able to drive massive amounts of traffic  to your website through inbound links.  Posting regularly on Pinterest and optimizing the content allows your pins to be shown to users, which increases the amount of visitors you can bring to your website.

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Insane Amount of Engagement

The Pinterest community is happy to simply find and share things on their profile. This is great for your business! Content for your business is more likely to be seen, promoted, and even go viral. 



Increase  in Sales 

Every pin includes a link, which makes it easy to lead users back to the source of the image, or your website.  Posting images on Pinterest with optimized captions increases the amount of visitors that will visit your website. Visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert leads or sales faster than any other social media. 

If you are looking to increase your business's social media presence, 

whether on Pinterest or not, Corkboard Concepts is here to  help you! We strive to  help others succeed.

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