Ways to Make the Most of IG Reels + TikTok


Instagram Reels and TikTok videos have become incredibly important to incorporate into a social media strategy.  But, we understand that the recent dire need for video content is unprecedented, and brands are struggling to figure out how to implement and make the most of these tools.

First, no matter the platform or feature, consistency is always key. The best way to ensure consistency as a brand or influencer is to establish your content pillars, the areas of content that you post about most on Instagram and TikTok. Think of them as the categories on your blog or in your online shop. 

1. Establish Your Content Pillars

Next, play into the trends. Using trending audio and filters into your TikToks and Instagram Reels is a great strategy for gaining exposure. Take some time each week to scroll through social media and note the trends you’re seeing.  Because the use of this content is so widespread, it makes it easier for your videos to be discovered by more users. 

2. Be Timely With SEO Trends

Start by identifying keywords that  your audience is actually searching for. Once your keywords are identified, optimize your content for search  engines by incorporating them in your on-screen text, automated closed captions, written caption, and hashtags. 

3. Leverage Social Media SEO

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Tips & Tricks

Whenever you find yourself making video content, always produce the content in bulk. Batch creating Instagram Reels and TikToks will not only save you time, but it will also keep you on a consistent posting schedule. 

4. Work Smarter Not Harder

Last and most importantly, to make the most of TikTok and Instagram Reels, always refer back to data. When tracking analytics for social media, take note of what is doing well and continue doing it. Is there a certain style of video that appears to outperform the rest? If something is not resonating with your audience as expected, consider trying out something else! 

5. Review Analytics

1. Establish Your Content Pillars 2. Be Timely with Instagram Reels and TikTok Trends 3. Leverage Social Media SEO 4. Work Smarter Not Harder 5. Review Analytics

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