The Lifespan of

The lifespan of a post refers  to the time in which you can expect a social media post  to get engagement before it goes flat. Engagement includes likes, comments, saves, and views on Instagram.  The amount of time your post is likely to last, or continuing getting engagement, differs in regards to Instagram stories, reels, and posts (and then even more so on different platforms). 

The Lifespan of Content

So, how long does your Instagram content last after you post it? 

On Instagram, a general feed post has an average lifespan of 48 hours. This means that during the first 48 hours after posting, your content will get most of its likes, comments, saves, or shares.  After those 48 hours have passed, the post on Instagram feed is less likely to get more engagement. 

Instagram Posts

The 48 hour lifespan is not an  exact prediction, it is an estimate. There are certainly outliers where posts on Instagram could land  on the explore page and get lots of engagement after the 48 hour  period has passed. 

Instagram Posts

The Instagram algorithm has been prioritizing reels for a few months now, so their lifespan is a bit longer. Instagram reels have an average engagement period of 14 days.  Depending on the popularity of the audio and how captivating the video is, 2 weeks could pass and your reel still has the chance of going viral.  

Instagram Reels

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Video content on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular,  with short-form videos predicted  to be the most engaging content  in 2023.  It is essential to incorporate reels  into your social media strategy and keep in mind their longer life span before becoming frustrated  with performance. 

Instagram Reels

Lastly, the easiest lifespan to estimate is for Instagram stories, which expire after 24 hours. Stories can be engaged with or reacted to during that time frame, but after a day, stories disappear. If you need to post important content on Instagram stories though, they can be saved as “highlights” and viewed later on  your profile. 

Instagram Stories

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