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What is 

Have you ever gotten on a website on your laptop  and it is so appealing  and interactive. Then, you  get on your phone and all the information is out of sorts and the tabs are just  pure dysfunction? 

Getting Started

This means this organization does not have a responsive design implemented into  their website. 

What is Responsive Design? 

Responsive design helps your website adapt to different screen sizes and other elements when accessed on many different  devices and browsers.

How is it Implemented?  

A responsive design is an approach used in web development that enables users to access content in various screen sizes on  all devices.  Responsive design ensures that this problem doesn’t occur and all elements on a website come out correctly.

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Why is it Important?  

Responsive design doesn’t only make the user experience more pleasant but also makes life easier for web developers. Instead of creating different websites for every device, they can create one site that will work well with different devices, whether it’s laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

How Do I Get Started?  

Reach out to us today and we can help you get started in your web development! 

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