SMS Marketing

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SMS marketing is a method of marketing that is administered through the means of text messaging.


Get Permission / Opt-In

One of the top best practices of SMS marketing is to  make sure that your recipients are opted-in  or have permitted you  to text them. 


Offer Value / Exclusivity

Make signing up for  texts worthwhile.  Rather than just a means of communication, offer your contacts discount codes, sneak previews,  or private events. Let them know that you appreciate their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.




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Personalization / Identification

First and foremost, it is so important that when sending a text you identify yourself. When constructing your text, add a merge tag  of your contact’s first name to add a touch  of personalization.


Be Consistent  & Know Boundaries

Consistency is great,  but there is always a line that should not  be crossed.  Asking customers for feedback is also a good way to establish boundaries early on.


Provide An Unsubscribe Option

As much as we hate to  see it, providing our contacts with an option to unsubscribe is imperative. Including “Reply STOP  to unsubscribe” is a simple way to let customers know they have the choice.

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