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Accessibility is crucial when creating interactive multimedia content because it allows for everyone to view it no matter their physical barriers.  It is telling of your organization and brand if you know how to make content that is inclusive for everyone. 

Why is accessibility important when creating media? 

Descriptive text allows for assistive technologies to be able to accommodate those with physical and visual impairments. 

Use  Descriptive  Text 


It increases SEO optimization by adding keywords to page titles, headings, and alt text for images.

When making rich forms of media, such as video, webinars and audio; you can make  the accessible by adding a transcript of close captions.  This gives users flexible formats of obtaining your content.

Create  Alternative  Formats 


Contrasting colors should always be kept in mind when creating accessible content. Users will have a hard time understanding content if they can't see it or decode it. 

Use Strong Contrasting Colors


Can you read me? 

It is important to remember that good content is also dictated by how easy it is to interact with it. By ensuring everyone can easily navigate your content, it will benefit you in the long run. 

Build A Great User  Experience


When writing content or copy for anything one must keep in mind that this content should be easily translated. Whether it is translated into another language or through a computer, the messaging has to be clear.

Use Clear  And Concise Copy


Let's Recap!

1. Use Descriptive Text

2. Create Alternative Formats

3. Use Strong Contrasting Colors

4. Build A Great User Experience 

5. Use Clear and Concise Copy

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