5 Tips For  Building A Strong  Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is  “part of a business  plan that outlines how the company will build favorability within  the market." The goal of a brand strategy is to become more memorable in the eyes of the consumer.  

Understanding your brand’s core purpose is the very first step you need to take in  order to build a strong  brand strategy.  To help  you define your brand’s purpose, ask yourself the following questions:  – How is my brand different from the competition? – Why do I (we) exist? – Why should people care?

1. Discover the Purpose Behind Your Brand

One common mistake that companies sometimes make is imitating what other successful brands are doing. Your goal as a brand is not to imitate but to stand out amongst your competitors! Knowing your competition will help you build a strong brand! 

2. Know Your Competitor

A strong brand is inherently about having a clear focus  and purpose. It's important to identify and understand who your target audience is!  Look for people who share similar interests, values, and habits that align with your brand’s purpose and goals.

3. Understand Your Target Audience




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A brand story has the powerful ability to connect people with the human aspect of your brand.  Stories also can build familiarity, and trust, and elicit emotion, and people are more likely to remember interesting stories. 

4. Develop a Brand Message and Story

The strongest brands  are consistent. Whether a consumer is looking at your social media profiles or website, each touchpoint should be easily recognizable and consistent with the rest of your brand. Your visual identity includes anything from a logo, tagline, and color palette to the overall look and feel of your digital and print presence. 

5. Create a Strong Visual Identity

1. Discover the purpose behind your brand 2. Know your competitor 3. Understand your target audience 4. Develop a brand message and story 5. Create a strong visual identity

Let's Recap!

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness or reach, whether it be on social media or not, Corkboard Concepts is here to help you! We strive to  help others succeed.

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