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In order to help customers find your business online and on the go, it is important to claim your business on an online map. Claiming your business on Apple Maps is an effective and free  way to drive customers to your location and help with your SEO. Keep reading to find out how to claim your business on  Apple Maps.

register on Apple Maps is to type in your URL. You will  be directed to a Business Registration page that will allow you to sign in. Once you sign in with your Apple ID, you will select Add on Places on Maps.

Register on Apple Maps


The next step is to type the name or the address of your business in the search bar, and select Claim. Apple will then either provide you with details to review, or you will have to type in your business’s contact and operation information such as, business hours, your phone number, your email address, your address, and the categories that apply to  your offering.

Find & claim your business


Verify your ownership


After filling out information about your business, you will then fill out personal information to verify  your ownership of the business.  This includes your name, your phone number, location, and business identification number.

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The fourth step in this process  is to show proof of ownership. Whether that be receiving a phone call with a code, or submitting legal documents  such as a lease agreement,  an electrical bill, or an  insurance policy.

Show proof of ownership


Finally, once Apple approves your ownership, you will just want to double-check your business hours and update if you are currently accepting Apple Pay. You can also add your website along with your social media accounts.

Review your business' info



You have officially claimed your business on Apple Maps!

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