6 Tips On How To Build A Successful Corporate Video 

Start with the problem


The problem is the hook.  People's brains are designed to survive; therefore, they only hear the things that address their most pressing issues.

If you address those problems quickly, you become relevant to the right people at the right time. That's important. 

Starting a video with the history of the company is a common mistake. Nobody cares about the history of your company. It doesn’t address any of their immediate needs.

Don't  bore your audience


Likewise, no one cares about your staff's combined years  of experience. Let’s be  honest; that's a conflated  number anyway. It’s irrelevant to your prospect's needs  and/or interests.

A corporate video should not include your mission statement.  A mission statement is for internal use only and will be boring and irrelevant to good prospects.

Ditch the mission statement


In addition, you cannot become relevant by bragging about how you “partner” with your clients. The only case this is applicable is if you include how your partnership directly relates to solving an immediate problem.

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Showcase the reality  of the issues  at hand


Websites often struggle to showcase companies' results effectively. Start by emphasizing the problems you solve and the consequences of not addressing them promptly.

This approach informs without fear-mongering. Like a reliable mechanic warning about unsafe tires, a successful corporate video aims to provide accurate information for trust-building.

Address the solution


The next thing you want to do is address the solutions to the problems at hand and how your organization can help solve  those problems.  

At this point, you should be answering the question,  "Why should I do business with you and not your competitor?" 

End on a  high note


Lastly, end on a high note.  Vividly paint the future state for your client if choosing your organization's service/products. 

Your video should be depicting, where will they be with choosing your organization, and how great will life become once they solve these problems with you?   

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