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3 Tips for Better Usage of Your Brand’s Creative

Leveraging The Power of Creative To Grab & Maintain Attention

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a statement that has stood the test of time like no other and continues to be relevant now more than ever. Attention spans have always been short, but with the steady adoption of all things tech, those attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. If you can’t make an impact and catch someone’s attention in five seconds, you may find yourself undiscovered or worse, irrelevant!

For that reason, businesses and institutions alike, need to look at their image as a business and how they portray and advertise themselves. Making a statement in a short period of time is critical when competing for the attention of your target audience, and reinforcing your value proposition. 

Stop Using Stock Imagery:

There is no easier way to fall in with the “other guys” than to use the same imagery and video content that your competition is. Stock websites are great repositories of creative and amazing places to go for “filler” and inspiration, but don’t let your brand’s creative assets rest on that. A prospective client can see stock imagery a mile away and forget the company it was associated with in mere minutes. 

And the reason why is simple. 

Envision a well-groomed guy behind a transparent screen drawing something in marker – perhaps a graph, maybe jotting some data points or perhaps it’s not even filled in yet (oh, the blunders of stock photography). I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve run across it in any number variations. 

Every image is an association with the subject it is about. When a person runs across these images in several different places, the brain has a hard time connecting which brand it is associated with, because there are so many. 

What’s more, is there is absolutely no feeling or connection here. People buy off of feeling, to the tune of 95% of purchase decisions are based on emotion. If you’re using stock content, you’re leaving money on the table. 

You have a vision:

Your business is unique and you want potential clients to see that. The more you can feature yourself and your message in the imagery, the better. The more those images support the goals of your business, the better. People love to feel a connection with companies they will be working with or buying from and they like to see the fruits of your labor. 

Let’s say your business prides itself in being very detail-oriented in the way they construct projects. Be sure to back that up with custom imagery that shows the care your staff takes when assembling a wall or a piece of equipment. Imagery that supports your statements will build confidence with your clients that what you say is what you will deliver. 

Be sure to feature your surroundings as well. We always work something in that reinforces the local community. Little elements like that are even more important now as people want to make an effort to support local businesses. It can be anything from a community sign in the background or a major landmark that serves to cement your relationship to the region you work in. 

Tell Your Story:

This is your brand and you control the narrative. Help people visualize who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. Showcase your people and the work they do! They are your greatest asset and the easiest way to connect with people.  

All the text in the world doesn’t make the connection that an engaging image, video or even, a blog post does. How we tell our stories goes a long way to cementing a company’s image or product in the minds of consumers. It makes you relevant to them. 

When it comes to storytelling, nothing does it better than well written and timely blog posts. Make and share these often! It’s a wonderful way to bring all of your creative elements together and at the same time build an audience. We assist our clients in many ways when it comes to blog creation. It’s an essential part of your business. 

To that end, we work very hard with our clients to maximize their visibility through all of these creative efforts. Understanding the visual impact of these elements and ensuring proper execution, only helps get you noticed in the never-ending battle of capturing attention in an ocean of content. 

What business you’re in makes no difference to us. We treat them all the same and find creative ways to make you stand out in your field. Our approach through combining stills and video provides clients the widest range available to get them noticed anywhere online and in social media. It has never been more important than right now to focus on this and get out in front of your existing and potential clients.

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