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Digital Marketing Optimization Strategies When Working With Corkboard Concepts

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Digital Marketing Optimization Strategies When Working With Corkboard Concepts


Digital Marketing is a crucial part of any company’s marketing mix and you’ve decided to work with Corkboard Concepts to help bring your vision to life and achieve your goals – that’s great! 

A lot goes into forming and implementing an effective and impactful digital marketing strategy. We work with you to identify your needs, objectives, the strategies and tactics that work best for your business and so much more. However, planning and implementing your digital marketing strategy is only a part of what we do for your campaigns at Corkboard Concepts. Once your digital marketing campaigns have kicked off, we focus on a process called Optimization. This article will help you better understand the optimization process of your digital campaign, the strategies we use at Corkboard Concepts to make your campaign as efficient and impactful as possible, and why it’s so important. 


What is Optimization? Why is it Important?

Before we dive into detail about the strategies Corkboard uses to optimize your campaigns, let’s first touch on what Optimization is. To put it plainly, Optimization is the process of taking a step back and looking at your active marketing campaign, looking at the data in detail, and making the necessary changes to efficiently and effectively use that campaign’s marketing dollars as best as possible. It’s important to use data to identify what is working well and what needs improving. You can optimize creative, targeting, placements and more. Does one piece of creative get more engagement than others? Does one set of copy lead to more conversions? Is one placement underperforming in reaching your target audience while another is overperforming but being under utilized? These are all examples of things we constantly monitor at Corkboard Concepts to get the best out of your digital marketing campaigns. It’s like fine tuning a car to make it run to the best of it’s abilities.

Optimization can be an intricate process but the reason why it is so important is relatively straightforward. Simply put, you want to maximize the ROI on your marketing investment and get the best performance from your campaigns as possible.

So now that we’ve touched on what optimization is, let’s dive into some of the strategies we use to optimize your campaigns. 


Digital Marketing Optimization Strategies & Best Practices

Data Analysis & Insight:

While every marketing campaign is different, the foundation of all optimization strategies at Corkboard starts with one thing – data. Regardless of the objectives or goals, the size or scope of a campaign, data analysis is the cornerstone of all our optimizations. By consistently analyzing data and looking at important KPIs, we can identify and gather valuable insights on the performance of your campaign and make the necessary adjustments to maximize it’s effectiveness. Does the data show that certain keywords yield a higher impression share with your target audience and that those keywords can be better leveraged? Are engagement metrics showing that certain creative is falling flat with your audience and needs to be reworked? Data and what it tells us is the driving force behind any revisions or tweaks we make to your campaigns to get you the best performance possible.

Consistency & Frequency:

At Corkboard, optimization is not a one-and-done process. An important part of our optimization strategy is the consistency and frequency in which we work to optimize a campaign through all stages of the marketing process. The digital landscape is fluid and constantly evolving and to keep your campaign performing at a high level, we are constantly monitoring and analyzing your campaign and looking for actionable ways to make your campaigns better. Optimization is a daily, weekly and monthly process at Corkboard Concepts.

A/B Testing:

One of the most effective ways to optimize a campaign is by taking a scientific approach to marketing through A/B testing. A/B Testing is an optimization methodology in which two versions of marketing assets (like ad copy, creatives, webpages, CTAs and more) are tested proportionately across users against one another to see which variants perform better. By looking at key metrics, A/B testing allows us to see what variations of an asset resonates best with your audience and yield the best results. Then in turn, we can implement those variations and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


Key Takeaways

Getting the most out of your marketing and efficiently using your marketing budget is crucial to any business’s success and a well optimized campaign can provide a competitive advantage that allows you to standout. At Corkboard, our job is just beginning when we launch a campaign and although these are just a few of the strategies and approaches we take in optimizing your campaign, we go to great lengths to constantly provide you the best performing digital marketing campaign possible.




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