What Is

Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Base Platform

Google Analytics (base platform) is a free website analytics tool provided by Google to better interpret  and understand website performance and user interactions on your website.

There is a premium version of Google Analytics, called Google Analytics 360 that is part of Google’s Marketing Platform that enables  better tracking and  other capabilities.

Google Analytics Premium Version

Google's  Marketing Tools

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics platform on the web. It easily connects with Google Ads, Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console, Google Optimize, and more.

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Google Analytics has gone through many versions. Initially part of the acquisition of Urchin (the organization responsible for UTM tags),  as of October 2020 Google Analytics is in its 4th iteration known as GA4.

Google Through The Years

Other Analytics Software

Other popular analytics software that exists includes Adobe Analytics, Hot Jar, Lucky Orange, and  Microsoft Clarity.

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