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Amazon Ads 

Corkboard Concepts

Corkboard Concepts has some great news! As a premier digital and strategic marketing agency, we are thrilled to announce our Amazon Ads Partnership, positioning ourselves as  one of the pioneer Amazon Ads Partners in the Pittsburgh market!

This partnership is a  game-changer for our agency, and most importantly, it will have a lasting impact on all of our clients and their businesses! View the following slides to learn about our Amazon Ads Partnership and what it means for your business. 


Amazon Ads: 

A Game-Changer in Digital Advertising

Amazon offers unmatched insights into the intricate world of consumer purchasing behavior. The Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) utilizes automated, centralized media buying from multiple sources. This allows us to tap into a diverse customer base, ensuring that ads reach the right audience. 


Our CMO, Jordan Atchison, couldn’t have said it better:  “The value of Amazon’s DSP  is immense, providing deep insights into transactional data and purchase behavior. This, coupled with their expansive OTT network, allows us to deliver more targeted and effective advertising solutions for  our clients.”

The Trifecta: 

Google, Meta, and Now Amazon


Why Our Amazon Ads Partnership Matters to Your Business

Our commitment has always been to stay ahead in the  ever-evolving world of  digital advertising, and this partnership symbolizes  that pledge.  Here are a few of the advantages that will result from our Amazon Ads Partnership.


Deep insights into transaction data, helping you understand  and tap into consumer purchase behaviors like never before! 

1. Insightful Advertising

2. Enhanced Targeting

Dynamic bidding and shopping signals, to meet customers right where they are, and connect with the most relevant audiences.  

3. Comprehensive Strategies

Access to a wider range of advertising tools, all aimed  at achieving your specific  business objectives. 




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