Video Tips  To Boost Your Conversion Rates On  Social Media

Why Do Conversion Rates Matter?

High conversion rates  reflect your return on investment (ROI).

Your business won't invest more in videos without high conversion rates.

Read along to explore  ways to boost your conversion rates on your video content.

So making a video that will persuade your audience to subscribe, make a purchase, or sign up is important.


1. Tell An  Effective Story

Show the value in  your product.

Make a video on how  your target audience uses the product.

2. Record In  High Resolution

TikTok data reveals a 312% higher conversion for videos at 720p resolution or higher.

Ensure your content isn't distorted once you export.

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3. Cross Promote

Embed videos in  your other content  and/or platforms.

Instead of reading about how to subscribe, share a video on how to subscribe.

This will drive visibility across the board.

4. Experiment Using A/B Testing

Experimenting can help pinpoint what works and what doesn't.

To pinpoint what works, try to change just 1 or 2 things between the  two options.

Let's Recap!

Video Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rates On Social Media are...

• Tell a compelling story.

Whether it is a large production or a just you  and your phone, creativity  and strategy are needed to drive conversions.

• Record in high resolution.

• Cross promotion.

• Experiment using  A/B testing.

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