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What is a website navigation menu?

A website navigation menu is an organized list of links to other web pages, usually internal site pages. 

See the most common  types of navigation menus


The horizontal navigation bar is the most common layout. It lists the most important internal pages side-by-side in the website’s header.

Horizontal Menu


If you have a lot of internal page  links you could consider using  the dropdown navigation menu.  This will help you reduce cluttering up your navigation by allowing you  to list out your general or most important links in the top-level navigation bar and then add the  rest in a dropdown menu.

Dropdown  Menu


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This type of menu is more commonly known for its use on mobile web designs and is a great option when there is limited real estate on  your website. In some cases,  desktop websites use hamburger menus in order to have longer or larger top navigations.

Hamburger Menu


The vertical sidebar is less popular  than the horizontal navigation, but it allows you to stack your navigation  links on top of each other and gives  you more freedom to have longer  page link names.

Vertical  Sidebar Menu


Typically paired with any of the previously mentioned navigation types, the footer menu is a  great place to add social icons,  additional page links that couldn’t  fit in the upper navigation, contact information, or hours of operation, since there is much more room.

Footer  Menu


How you choose  to structure your website navigation depends on your target audience and what format you think would  be most intuitive  and accessible.

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