TikTok's  "6 Creative Codes" For Making Effective Ads 

TikTok published a new set of "creative codes" which are 6 steps to consider  for effective ads on  the platform. The six elements cover formatting, story structure, sound, and more, providing an essential framework for TikTok content success.

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TikTok first just means creating content that has the "for you page" in mind. Authentic and Relatable content can increase shares and clicks. -Avoid glossiness -Go 9:16 -Shoot hi-res -Feature people -Use editing    techniques generated    by other creators.

TikTok First


77% of viewers like seeing accounts use TikTok trends, memes, or challenges in  their content. Find a trend on the  "for you page" to use. Make sure the trend has some sort of context  to your brand. Choose a narrative that  fits the trend and ties  in your brand.




There are generally  three things to think  about when shooting  your content. -Shoot vertical at 9:16. -Use hi-resolution footage; avoid grainy videos  and photos. -Fill your space but  make sure it doesn't overlap your text.

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Tips & Tricks


Having structure drives effectiveness and value  to an ad. Split the structure into the hook, the body,  and the close. Hook: The first 7  seconds are vital! Body: Nail the product and brand home! Close: Create a strong CTA (call to action).



After that amazing hook, you need attention triggers to keep your audience watching. Here are some triggers to try out on your next ad. -Music -Transitions -Movement -Text -Emojis -Brands




Audio like music. voiceovers, and sounds  can help you relay  different messages to  your audience. Music: sets mood  and rhythm. Voiceovers: Adds more details to a story. Sounds: Amplifies actions in the video.

TikTok's "6 Creative Codes" You Can Try!

I hope this gives you a blueprint to follow and try on your TikTok account.  Let us know if you want us to go more in depth with any of these creative codes.

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