PNG vs. JPEG: What's The Difference?

File Types

If you have done photography or graphics, you may notice different file types.

One file is a PNG while the other is a JPEG.

Read along to learn the differences between  a PNG and a JPEG!

Have you ever wondered  what the difference between the two is?


A PNG File

They’re mostly used for  web graphics, logos, charts, and illustrations.

A PNG can handle  16 million colors and transparent graphics!


One of the most common ways to store digital photos.

Their compression process makes them easy to store.

JPEG images can contain  up to 16 million colors!

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What's The Difference?

1. Uses

• PNG is for graphics

• JPEG is for photography

2. Compression Process

• PNG quality stays constant

• JPEG quality decreases for more file storage

3. Transparency

• PNG supports transparency

• JPEG doesn't support transparency

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