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Why Become Verified on Instagram?

It builds credibility and trust  in the brand. Not only will being verified on Instagram help with growing your audience, but it will also  help your content show up higher on search results.


1. Understanding The Requirements 

•Authenticity: You must represent a real person or registered business/entity.

•Uniqueness: You must represent the unique presence of a person/business.

Understanding The Requirements Cont.

Completeness: The account must be public, contain a  bio, profile photo, and  be active.

Notability: You must have  a significant audience.

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Tips & Tricks

2. Prepping For     Instagram      Verification

•Ensure you are using the mobile app.

•Make your Instagram profile the account name that you want to be verified; you cannot change this after the verification has gone through without verifying.

3. Appling For Instagram Verification

•Log in to your account and tap on settings > account > request verification, in that order.

•Await for approval over  the next 30 days

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