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How Do I Build A B2B Marketing Campaign?

When working with other business, like we do here  at Corkboard, it is important  to understand the  functionality of a content marketing campaign. 

Here are the steps Corkboard Concepts takes to ensure a successful campaigns   


Fun Fact: B2B  stands for business to business

Understanding your target audience is the first and foremost important components you need to create a successful campaign.  Without people to advertise to, there is no campaign. 

Understand Your Target Audience 


Build A Timeline  With Goals 


It is important to build a campaign with a clear and realistic timeline. Along with that timeline, set goals that allow you to see how well your campaign is succeeding or struggling. 

After you figure out the who and the when of your campaign, you must then think about the how.  How will you communicate your message to your target audience? Some examples could be, Facebook, YouTube, Google, placing media on a billboard, etc.

Choose Your Vehicles For Communication





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Now it is time to develop the content for your campaign.  This can be anything from social media posts to print. It is important to contain clear messaging when developing these materials.

Develop Campaign Content


Create An A/B Test & Measure Results


Before you send out your campaign materials for the  world to see, make sure you test them first! By A/B testing a campaign, you can see all the blind spots you may have.

The most important part of any process is to measure the results and try again! 

Tweak  And Try  Again!


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