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What Is A Snapchat Story Ad?

Snapchat story ad is an ad format where advertisers can create a series of snaps with a branded tile

With Snapchat story ads, advertisers can show a collection of 3-20 stories that’ll appear in the discovery section.

The new format can include attachments that allow advertisers to add videos, apps installments, and deep links. You can advertise your movie release, showcase your new collection, or bring customers to your product’s page. Moreover, with Snapchat story ads, you can offer more information about your business in a quicker and attractive manner. Snapchatters only need to tap the tile to see your story and swipe up to delve further into your offer.

Snapchat story ad is a great way to connect with Snapchatters and tell the story of your brand in a more consumable form. When used correctly, Snapchat story ads can have a positive impact on your digital advertising campaign. It can result in a significant increase in brand awareness and drive engagement.


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