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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a collaboration between a company and an influencer to promote a product, service, and campaign

Influencer marketing uses celebrities or any popular social media users or content creators that have significant audiences on their social media platforms. An influencer can have a range of hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.

Influencer marketing can help add value to your brand, reach new audiences, increase marketing ROI, and drive sales.  According to one survey, 34% of Americans in 2019 bought something due to influencers’ recommendations.

When recruiting an influencer for your marketing effort, the most important aspect is to check out their engagement ratio. For instance, if you see an account on Instagram with a million followers but only get a few thousand likes per post, this can indicate that they have a low engagement ratio. Conversely, an account with a smaller number of followers but gets high engagement ratings means they have more organic and loyal followers.

The engagement ratio can determine whether followers will act on the influencer’s call to buy your product.

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