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What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is small pieces of data stored on the browser to help identify your computer when using a computer network

Cookies help websites keep track of the user’s activity, remembering information such as the user’s registered login, preferences, shopping carts, and many others. When you visit a website, the site sends the cookie to your computer, where it’s then stored in a file located on your computer’s browser.

There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily on your browser while you’re surfing the web and will disappear once you leave the site. Persistent cookies are stored indefinitely, depending on the setting within the cookie’s file.

While cookies let you have a more personal and convenient website experience, they can also be used to track your information for illegal purposes. Therefore, it’s suggested that you manage and clean up your cookies often. Many internet browsers allow you to change your cookie settings to limit which types of cookies end up on your computer.

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