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5 Tips For A Successful Rebrand

5 rebranding tips

It’s the start of a new year and you may be contemplating giving your business brand a bit of a facelift. Rebranding is modifying or updating the image of your company. There are many benefits of rebranding such as reaching new customers and distinguishing yourself from competitors. If you are considering rebranding your business there are some best practices and tips that may help achieve your rebranding goals. 

Do I need to rebrand?

First, establish if a rebrand is necessary for your company. Is it going to be more work than it’s worth? Once you establish the purpose of the rebrand and that this change will benefit your company, you will have a better direction to take your rebrand in. 


Steps To Rebrand:


Enhance or change brand image.

This could be redesigning your logo or choosing different fonts or colors associated with your brand. Utilize new creative in your ads to reflect these new design changes. This upgrade can change the overall perception of your brand.


Change your messaging.

This could be the language you use in your website or the framework of your ads. With this change keep the purpose of your rebrand in mind. What do you want your customers to know. Keep your clients in mind when choosing your messaging. For help with ad messaging and digital advertising strategies, check out our advertising services here.


Find the balance between consistency and change.

You want to update or improve the assets of your brand as necessary while also keeping some consistency so that your brand is still recognizable. So start small on the goals of your rebrand and don’t be afraid to listen to feedback from your customers. 



Structure a launch for your rebrand.

Let your audience know that your branding has changed. Communicate the new mission and image to the rest of your employees so that everyone is aware of the new brand identity. Updating customers will alleviate confusion and will allow you to remarket to these customers. 



If you have specific goals for your company at the start of this year, then a rebrand may be a good strategy to help achieve these goals. Revamping your brand image can help your company maintain a competitive advantage and retain brand awareness at the start of a new year. 




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