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4 Ways SEO and Web Design Go Together

4 Ways SEO and Web Design Go Together Blog Cover

SEO and Web Design are two components that one wouldn’t assume go hand in hand but they do. Not only does SEO and Web design complement each other, but they also coexist and need eachother to function. Without a strong website design, SEO has no healthy place to live and without a strong SEO strategy, a website cannot perform to its fullest potential. 


What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This marketing strategy component has erupted within the past couple of years and is now essential to anyone who has or runs a website. SEO is made up of multiple activities such as determining where your website or the content on your website ranks on search engines, the performance of your website from the back end, and keyword planning to help grow the website organically.  One way to think of SEO is when your website is all done and polished, SEO comes in and maintenances the website over a long period of time. 


What is Website Design? 

Website design is the process of creating your website whether that is from scratch or building off an already occurring site. Within this process, a design team is looking to create an online platform where your consumers or target audiences can interact with your organization. When designing a website it is important that the site serves your needs as a business owner and fulfills the goals of your organization. To learn more about the website design process at Corkboard Concepts, please visit here. 


All in all, SEO & Website Design go together in more ways than one, and here are a couple of examples below: 



SEO & Website Design go together because they are both responsible for having and maintaining an accessible design. The website must be built in a way that makes it easy for users to engage with and SEO helps maintain it by ensuring that all components of the website are optimized. Some examples of this could be, making sure there are alt tags on all images, optimizing for mobile design, and fostering flow/functionality within the site. 


Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

Believe it or not, SEO specialists actually focus on the overall health of the site after it has been launched and help to maintain the speed and core web vitals. These things are directly linked to the functionality of the site. If a website has bad website speed and poor core web vitals, then the overall SEO of the website will also suffer. 


Site Maps

Site maps are the map/layout of a website that allows users and search engines to crawl it. A discombobulated site map makes it difficult for users to navigate the site. This difficulty can cause there to be little organic traffic to come to the site. With little overall SEO position and ranking will also be affected. Site maps 


Branded Content

One last way that SEO and web design go together is that they both utilize branded content. From the initial design, all the way to the execution of the website it must reflect the organization’s branding. After all, the website is the digital storefront or location of the organization. 

When developing SEO content, you are creating extensions and communications from the organization. Whether that be blogs or Google web stories, the content must reflect the organization’s branding. 


Closing Note:

Even though it is easy to see SEO and web design as two separate entities, they actually intermingle in many ways. These two fields both have the same mission of creating tangible materials for organizations to communicate and interact with their target audiences. 

Corkboard Concept offers strategic SEO and creative web design services to help your organization grow! To learn more about our services, please visit our services page.  

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