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Traditional Print vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Print versus Digital Media Marketing

Transitioning From Traditional To Digital Marketing From A B2B Sales Perspective


Traditional media, also referred to as old media, is primarily advertising through radio, television, and print. Traditional media is still widely used today but has faced a lot of competition from its distant cousin coming into town: digital media.

Unlike traditional print media, digital media marketing can reach a target audience, anywhere at any time. With digital media being so versatile, users do not have to be tied to one place. You can reach these users as an advertiser by using the data reported when users get their news, play games, search for restaurants, shop and more!


What does this mean for a sales person moving from selling traditional to digital marketing in a B2B situation?


Lets Talk About Data

One way a marketing agency providing digital marketing services can bring value to a potential business partner is by offering information on valuable audiences. With digital data, digital marketing agencies are able to show the potential partner who their audience is and how to target them. It’s all about hitting the right people at the right time. With traditional print media, there is next to no data to show the target audiences. A sales person does not want to approach a potential client and say, “We can get this many of your prints distributed in the area you want but we have no control over who actually reads it or if that reader fits the demographics of someone wanting your product.”

Those selling digital marketing services are giving themselves the opportunity for different revenue streams, as well as giving their business partner the ease of accessing their market audience. Selling digital advertising services allows sales people to offer better results that are more specific to their business partners needs compared to traditional media. 


Importance Of Accessibility

Easy accessibility is another factor giving digital media an edge over traditional media. According to Hootsuite more than 4.5 billion people use the internet and 60 percent of the world’s population is online. Having the ease of answers at your fingertips is much more appealing and convenient rather than having to sift through traditional media such as fliers, magazines, or looking up at billboards hoping to find what you want.



Why Digital Media Now?

Digital media is a part of everyday life for many. According to Pew Research Center, millennials are the largest living adult population. Companies have found out that Millennials are the buying force and their main target audience. Using digital marketing avenues are the best way to reach this audience due to the fact that they spend most of their time online. Using traditional print media would miss the mark of getting your message to the correct audience and possibly cause a loss in revenue further justifying how digital marketing can be used more efficiently and effectively to help businesses. 

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