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Top Ad Sizes To Use When Working With Corkboard Concepts

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Which Ad Sizes Should I Use?

You’ve decided to work with us at Corkboard Concepts to help fulfill your digital marketing, that’s great! There’s a number of things to go over when planning and executing your digital marketing campaign, however, one of the most common discussions we have with clients is centered around ad creative sizes. Whether you will be providing your own creative to us or utilizing our creative services to produce ads, using the correct and most effective size creatives is an important part of a good digital marketing campaign. At Corkboard, we leverage a number of different digital advertising platforms and tactics and the ad size specifications and effectiveness vary across those platforms. As a result, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients is what size ads do we need? In this article I’m going to go through and layout some of the most effective ad sizes across our different platforms and hopefully answer a lot of those questions!


Why Choosing The Right Ad Size Is Important

Before we dive into the specifics of which ad sizes are best to use on different platforms, let’s discuss the benefits and why it’s important to choose the right ad sizes.

To start, platforms or websites have different placements where your ad can show on a page. Certain ad sizes coincide with where the ad can be shown on the webpage. If you don’t have the right ad sizes, you can miss out on the most effective advertising placements on a webpage or platform and limit your reach and performance. That’s why it can be important to have a mix of some of the top ad sizes so that you don’t miss out on any placements and make sure you’re maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign.  Similarly, it’s been shown that different ad sizes have a better click-through-rate than others which is a key for improving performance. So with all that being said, let’s dive into some of the top ad sizes to use. 


Google Display Network & DV360:

300×250: Also known as a “medium rectangle” ad – good inventory availability and a higher CTR compared to other sizes

728×90: Also known as a “leaderboard” ad – good inventory availability and good CTR compared to other sizes 

300×600: Also known as a “half page” ad – good inventory availability and good CTR

320×100: Mobile compatible size also known as a “large mobile banner” – good mobile inventory and performance

320×480: Mobile compatible size on the DV360 platform – also known as a “mobile interstitial” – high performance with good CTR

320×50: Mobile compatible size also known as a “mobile leaderboard” – good mobile inventory

Facebook & Instagram:

1080×1080: Square ad best used for Display Newsfeed or Carousel ads 

1260×628: Display ad that can be used for Newsfeed, Right Column placements or Audience Network – not as wide as 1080×1080 so doesn’t take up as much real estate on the page 

1080×1920: Best used for Facebook & Instagram stories



1080×1920: Similar to Facebook & Instagram stories Snapchat needs a 1080×1920 sized image for best results


While there are other platforms and ad specifications, these are some of the more popular platforms and their best performing ad sizes and are a good jumping off point. If you have any other questions or want to talk more in detail about ad sizes or best practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out – that’s what we’re here for!



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