Ways To  Improve Your Accessibility 

Accessibility online means making sure that your content is easily accessible to those with disabilities.

What Does Accessibility Mean?

Your design, text, and organization play a part in how accessible your content is to others.

Read along to explore  ways you can improve  your accessibility.


217 million people have moderate to severe vision impairment.

Color Contrast

Ensure the colors you choose are not too close  in shade.

This makes it easier to  see and read.


Font Style

It is important to choose  a font that is easy for everyone to see, read,  and understand.

For print, ensure the  font size is 12 pts. or  higher. For website content, it should be  16-18 pts. or higher.

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Focus indicators are buttons and underlines that make your eyes focus on that design or text.

Focus  Indicators

Make sure these buttons explain what will happen if you click on it.


Alternative  Text

Alternative text is used  to help describe a photo  to someone who can't physically see it.

Many platforms like Instagram and Twitter  have this feature,  so make sure to fill in  the alt. text next time!

If you follow these steps, your content will be  more easily accessible  to the public.

Let's Recap!

Using contrast, readable text, focus indicators, and filling out alternative text will make a difference in your content!

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