Protecting Search From


Roughly 25% of all paid search traffic is generated from fraudulent sources

Understanding the types of fraudulent paid search traffic

Knowing the types of fraudulent traffic that exist out there is the first step in blocking it from appearing in your campaigns! 

Bot Clicks are the easiest to conceptualize. Programs search the web and just click blindly and often times maliciously. These crawlers are just eating away at your paid search budget.

Bot Clicks

Competitor clicks are when a competitor sees your ads and continues to click on it to cost you money. Google usually does a better job of seeing this than other areas. 

Competitor Clicks

The Dangers


One of the biggest areas of, not necessarily click fraud, but click waste comes within. Consider car dealership, powersports dealers, home showrooms, landscapers or more. During a sales process, they bring something up on their computer or phone to show you an example on the company website. They search the company's name and click the first link that appears - a PPC ads. 


When working with a tight geography Google is only set to restrict what it can tell is outside. VPN's often work around this but there are systems out there to detect VPN usage and block that paid search traffic. 


Ad Fraud

Ad fraud happens on malicious publisher sites where they host banner and search ad inventory with fake traffic for impressions and click throughs.

Block IP's In Google Ads

Automated Ad Fraud Blocking Software

How to block against ad fraud?