In 2023



It is common practice to complete a posting schedule. In 2023, it is best practice to  post 1-3 times a week. Keep your schedule consistent!

1. Post Rate

Hashtags are used to help consumers find your posts based on the hashtags you use.  It can bring in more consumers with similar interests. Keep hashtags in between 2-6 for best practices.

2. Number Of Hashtags

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Engagement is about consumers viewing, commenting, sharing, and liking your content. Research shows that in 2023:

3. Weight Of Engagment

1 like = 1 extra view

Share = 7 extra views

1 comment = 12 extra views

According to the research, it can be a great benefit to comment on your own posts! You have to make sure that there are already comments on it first though. This can increase growth by 20% in the first hour!

4. Commenting On Your Posts

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