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Success Stories

Industry: Religious Organization, Digital Agency

Challenge: Quickly build and launch a website that could sustain high concurrent traffic and allow for church services to be help online, seamlessly.

Solution: WordPress-built website launched on WP Engine’s Premium Platform, equipped with dedicated architecture and real-time traffic monitoring.

Results: A rapidly-deployed digital experience that looks better, loads faster, and hasn’t dropped a single visitor request.

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Success Stories

Industry: Healthcare

Challenge: Preventing fraud

Solution: Enabling multiple steps for added bot/spam security.

Results: Saved a health for advertiser over $1 Million, that was used to generate more efficient patient bookings.

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Success Stories

Industry: Automotive

Challenge: Replace an automotive dealership’s current monthly digital marketing campaigns administered through a dealer preferred vendor (100% co-op reimbursed), and provide them with a more efficient and effective campaign through our agency (50% co-op reimbursed).

Solution: Provide the dealership with a lift more than 50% with the same or less budget than they used with the dealer preferred vendor.

Results: Dealership decreased monthly budget towards digital advertising after switching to Corkboard Concepts, saw increases well over 50%, and was able to use co-op dollars for other efforts, while seeing record breaking sales months.

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Success Stories

Industry: Pet Care

Challenge: Understand the actions that generated value on their website, identifytheir current conversion rate, and increase conversion rate by establishing optimization strategies.

Solution: Added a quick form to capture “New Client Signups” to give us the foundation for conversions looked at Google Ads keyword optimization, refined display ad targeting, and set up drip campaigns and event based triggers.

Results: A 100% increase in conversion rate and established conversionrate optimization.