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What Is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity Is Microsoft’s Web Analytics and Heatmap Tool.

Similar to Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity is a web analytics tool that helps understand user behavior on your website. This tool provides a simple, yet useful insight into a company’s web analytics, using easy to interpret visuals and heatmaps.

Microsoft Clarity Heatmaps

Google does provide a Page Analytics plugin that has some heatmap features, however, one of the main benefits of Microsoft Clarity’s platform is it’s heatmap functionality. The heatmap functionality is a great opportunity to better understand the website UX.

Along with Microsoft Clarity’s platform, comes a host of new terms to the marketing and analytics glossary, including:

Each of these terms provides a look at key user metrics and website performance.

Microsoft Advertising Suite of Tools

Microsoft offers a number of digital marketing and advertising tools. Originally fully branded for Bing, these are now starting to take on Microsoft branding. They include:


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