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What is a Native Lead Form?

Native Lead Forms Are Forms Used Directly On The Platform The Advertiser’s Ad Is Showing

Native Lead Forms are popularly used on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Search in which a person interacting with an ad does NOT have to go to the advertisers website to convert. The lead collection is completed when action is taken on the ad.

These are the opposite of traditional lead forms, which are completed on advertisers websites.

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Increased Popularity of Native Lead Forms

With the increase popularity of native lead forms, platforms like Google Ads are re-launching their efforts along with places like Snapchat are beginning to introduce these. With more platforms moving away from Third-Party Cookies, more platforms will begin to introduce Native Lead Forms and conversions to better track through First-Party means.

Native Lead Forms – Pre-Filled Information

Most lead forms allow for Pre-filled information to be pulled directly from their platform profile, which further decreases the barrier to conversion. Generally speaking, the more questions that are asked in a traditional lead form the less likely a person is to complete these. With Native Lead Form’s pre-filled information, contact information and profile information is automatically filled in.

Note: The team at Corkboard Concepts has found strong indications that certain contact information and location information is generally not up to date. Roughly 20% of email and phone numbers are no longer used by users on Facebook. 

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