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What Is A Live-Stream?

A live stream is an online streaming media broadcasted in real time. Live streaming technology allows users to create, watch, and share live videos from an internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world. 

More companies are incorporating live streaming as part of their digital marketing, and for good reasons.  

Live streaming video has a huge audience. Companies have the opportunity to reach out to more people, even to those whom you think may not be interested in your product. Moreover, live streaming is more interactive in nature than traditional videos. As a result, it can draw more viewers, increase engagement, and strengthening relationships along the way.  

Some popular live streaming media are Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube. 

Below is an example of a Corkboard Concepts hosted YouTube Live event by the Meadows Racing. The event was captured live, mixed with pre-recorded sessions and streamed through YouTube Live. Once complete, it is then hosted on YouTube for anyone to view:

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