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What Is A Brand Takeover?

A Brand Takeover is one of TikTok’s ad formats that allow advertisers to showcase their ads as soon as the users open the app

Brand-takeover ads can be a 3-second image or 3-5 second short video and are shown on full screen. It’s one of the most popular ad creation programs on TikTok, and for good reasons.

This ad will be the first thing that the user sees as they open the app, giving it a good chance of achieving high reach and traffic. Furthermore, the app will only show no more than one Brand Takeover ad per day, allowing you to get the full attention of your targeted audience with little competition. However, all these advantages do come at a cost. Brand Takeover has a high price tag and may not be the ideal choice if you’re just starting with TikTok Ads and have a minimum marketing budget.


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